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In the following I provide the instructions we use for the Alternative Campus Tour Assignment in my first-year undergraduate class at York University. I think they could be used as templates for any other university or college and at any level, not just first-year. My own experience at the first-year level is that all students appreciate the Campus Tour. Some students produce insightful and reflective essays on the experience. Others, as is perhaps the case in any first-year class, don’t get the full significance or message of the exercise but, in these cases, the tour does plant some important seeds. These include the realization of the importance of digging where you stand, understanding and problematizing the every-day environment that you walk or pass through, venturing out of the classroom into other indoors or the outdoors, researching and speaking about a particular site on campus with a group of peers, and then listening to other peers who speak about other campus sites.

The instructions below include:

  1. This document includes the instructions for the exercise itself. I preface and complement these instructions with lectures where I contextualize the exercise and simulate the role of a guide. In seminars, the Teaching Assistants coach students to research a particular site and then practice their roles as guides. Assignment 2 Instructions for Campus Tour
  2. This document provides the instructions for writing a reflection on the campus tour. Assignment 2 Essay on Campus Tour